Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Studio Upgrades for 2015

For 2015 I am making a few adjustments to my studio. It is quite small as you can see in the photos, so space is at a premium. Because of that, I designed a workshop table that I will use for storage and for staging of upcoming projects. Right now I am using my camera tripod with a portable table top on which I have placed a piece of Gator board. It will have a 22"x 30" work surface and a shelf below. It will be on lockable casters so I can move it wherever I need it. My friend Yung is making it for me.

I also hung a series of sketches on the wall behind the door: sketches of the palette box, paints and brushes I use. These were done on Canson paper, and mounted to cradled hardboard panels which I had previously gessoed. I sprayed Krylon Crystal Clear on them for protection.

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