Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Colorado Road Trip

I flew to Denver a few weeks before Christmas so I could ride back to Southern California with my son, Tyler. These are the sketches from that trip.

At the top is the view from the plane as we flew over an overcast and cloud covered landscape. It was very cold when we landed. We had to wait for the handlers to get organized, so I used that time to capture the action on the tarmac.

We drove to Craig that afternoon. Tyler was driving so I was able to do some quick sketches from the passenger seat. It snowed off and on and the roads were icy in parts. We took I-70 instead of Berthoud Pass (which is my favored, but slightly longer route), and went through the Eisenhower Tunnel.

Craig is beautiful in the wintertime. All of the trees are bare and the sky is a mixture of whites, light blues and steel treys that I never tire of. I made a few sketches of the view from my mom's backyard.

We were there for only a few days, leaving on Saturday for the long drive back. The scenery is epic, and show in the bottom two sketches. It was the perfect trip.


  1. I'm happy you are posting again, like your work. Reorganizing a studio is an on going process for me.