Monday, May 19, 2014

Some Recent Sketches and Paintings

Here are some random, recent sketches and paintings. 

Above is a craftsmen styled fire station in Encino. I did this while waiting to give a demonstration for the San Fernando Valley Art Club a few weeks ago. 

This is a sketch of the building across from my church, done while sitting under a tree talking on the phone to my mom on Mother's Day.

We were still talking, so I swung around and did this view of my car, parked on the street. 

Here is a quick study of a director's chair on my deck, done yesterday afternoon while relaxing.

This is a study of a painting I will be doing for a friend of mine, of his house in the valley. 

This is a finished painting of downtown Los Angeles from an adjacent park. It was done on Fabriano watercolor paper, and is 11" x 14".

I started this painting many years ago, on another Mid Valley Paint Out, this time in Claremont. I pulled it out the other day, cropped it, added some dramatic light, and some pen work.

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