Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Los Angeles Sketches

I frequently rework paintings, particularly ones I am not satisfied with. While I am pleased now, this collection of Los Angeles sketches was never quite right, and for a long time I wasn't sure why. I finally realized the colors were too strong. So the other night in my studio I started playing around with white paint. I lightened the sky with titanium white, and created a sense of atmosphere with varying degrees of wash over the background. In the process I smeared some of the details, which loosened the painting up, and gave it more energy.

While I am a fan of bold, bright colors, there is something to be said for muted and subdued tones, and trying to develop the look of faded colors on a hazy summer day, (or in the case of Dodger Stadium, a warm August night).


  1. I "lurk" in and around your web blog... for about two years now. This is
    my first time visiting your comments section. I just can't stay silent
    any longer! You blown me away with your color choices and say so
    much with so little in your paintings. Your work resonates to the core
    of my passion for watercolor. As I view your work, I inhale, deeply and
    say to myself "Wow!" Mr. Stoddard, thank you for this blog and sharing
    your passion that shows so clearly in your art. Someday,
    soon perhaps, I will be blessed and fortunate enough to attend
    your workshop in northern California.

    Denver Bozzgozz
    Fair Oaks, CA

    1. Hello Denver, thank you so much for your kind words. I very much appreciate your feedback and articulate comments. It is amazing how one's visual voice and distinctive painting style eventually comes forth in the process of just painting all the time. Saying much with little is a fine compliment which I will savor. Many thanks again and best of luck to you. Joseph