Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend in Wisconsin

Here is a collection of sketches from a trip I took last weekend to Wisconsin to attend a friend's wedding. There are views from inside the plane, looking out of the plane, the view from the balcony looking at the lake, the barn where the wedding took place and other miscellaneous sketches from the trip. I travelled light, and came back with my sketchbook full.


  1. Joe,
    I visit your blog almost every day. I really like these Wisconsin sketches. I used to travel to Madison on business twice per year for 20 years. I always enjoyed the shades of green and the rolling hills.

    Steve Stuckey

  2. Hi Steve. Thank you for looking at my blog, and writing. I appreciate the encouragement. I have been distracted by Instagram lately, and have let my blog take a back seat. I will be back on track soon however. Thank you also for your kind words. The countryside was indeed beautiful: and so different from Southern California. It does wonders to travel out of town and see some new scenery. Joseph