Saturday, December 4, 2010

Everyday Sketchbooks

I use different sketchbooks for different phases of my life. I used to use the Aquabee Super Deluxe 808 all the time, and while I still love them, I like the Moleskine pocket sketchbooks more these days. I like to travel light, and the pocket sketchbook fits in my jacket pocket very easily. The top photo shows a row of completed ones.

Chris and I had to travel to Sacramento last month, and while we were waiting in the terminal to board our plane, I had a chance to sketch it. I painted it later in the studio.

Z and I went to La Costa for a weekend getaway. This quick sketch is the view outside the patio door.


  1. Joe: Great sketch, and thanks for posting about your current sketchbooks. I was in one of your workshops at the Learning & Product Expo in Chicago in 2007; you helped me pick out a few sketchbooks on the expo floor, one of them being the Aquabee 808. Still loving mine. I do use a plain small Moleskine, but painting on the slick paper is sometimes a challenge for me. I agree that they allow you to travel light however.

  2. I recently went back to my Aquabee and retired my Moleskine, at least for a while. I agree about the Moleskine paper, it is hard to work on.