Thursday, January 21, 2010

Art and Life

This is my first post. I will be writing about art and life. My sketchbooks will play a large part in this blog because it is where I put my ideas, photos and narratives of my little adventures.

I use many things to document my life: I have a Letts yearly diary where I keep all of my appointments, along with little sketches, hand drawn maps and photos; I have a Moleskine pocket sketchbook where I write, draw and paste small photos; I have a series of larger sketchbooks that I use for art adventures; and finally I keep a journal on my laptop.

On my desk at work I have a small Winsor & Newton paint box, where I can sometimes squeeze in a sketch or two on my lunch hour. A Moleskine sketchbook sits nearby, shown here with a sketch almost completed. There are few things as relaxing in the middle of a busy workday as taking a few minutes to draw and write.